Tokyo's 23wards(Akasaka,Akihabara,Asakusa,Ebisu,Ginza,Ikebukuro,Nagatacho,Nihonbashi,Roppongi,Shibuya,Shinjuku,Ueno)   Western Tokyo (Tachikawa, Hachioji, Machida, Fuchu-Kichijoji)      Okutama・Ome・Hamra  Hachijojima  Oshima       Kozujima・Niijima・ Shikinejima  Miyakejima  Bonin Islands

Attraction of Tokyo

Tsukiji Fish Market

The world's largest market, there is a dismantling show of giant tuna, it is delicious seafood also eaten market.

Tokyo Skytree

Tower height 634m is the world's highest level.    This is the new attractions that can be a lot of emotional experience in addition to the outlook.

Thunder Gate

The precincts there "fifty tower" and length 4.5m "large straw sandals of Hōzōmon", there are many attractions such as "back Kannon" make me feel the silence and power.

LocalSpecialty Cosmetic

<Ruhaku> is an Okinawan organic skincare brand

<Makanai Cosmetics> is a Japanese cosmetics brand, born from the wisdom of women working in traditional gold leaf stores.

Ecott Cosmetics Organic is made with a variety of organic ingredients from Japan, selected from 47 prefectures. 

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