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<Mizu-monogatari> is the cosmetics made from geothermal water originated from the hot springs at Iya valley in Tokushima prefecture, well known for its skin beautifying effects. The products will keep your skin deeply moisturized and soft, as if you were just in a hot spring. We believe that cosmetics products used daily should be safe and reliable. Skin beautifying and moisturizing effects earned from hot springs is combined with this belief, and altogether embedded in our product, <Mizu-Monogatari>

Store information

Company Hotel Iya Onsen
Address 367-2,Matsuomatsumoto,Ikeda-cho.Miyoshi-city,Tokushima
Access http://www.iyaonsen.co.jp/access/ <Japanese>
http://www.iyaonsen.co.jp/english/access/ <English>
Tel +81-883-75-2311

http://www.mizumonogatari.jp   <Mizumonogatari>
http://www.iyaonsen.co.jp      <Japanese>
http://www.iyaonsen.co.jp/english  <English>


祖谷温泉 和の宿ホテル祖谷温泉  


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