Naha  Northern (Onna, Nago,Motobu,Nakijin)  Central (Ginowan, Chatan, Okinawa ,Uruma,Yomitan)            Southern (Itoman,Tomigusuku,Nanjo)  Kerama Islands (Tokashiki, Zamami,Aka)  Kume Island  Miyakojima・Irabujima    Ishigaki,・Iriomote Island,・Kohama (Yaeyama Islands)  Yonaguni Island  Daito Island

Attraction of  Okinawa

Kokusai Street

Kokusai Street souvenir shop occupies the current 70%, as a arcade called Heiwadori, Okinawa food, including such Makishi Public Market, drink, shop, such as goods are present many from clothing,
I enjoy the Okinawa it is attractions can.

 Shuri-jo Castle

Shurijo Castle proud of dignified appearance to as King of Ryukyu state politics, diplomacy, center of culture.
Shurijo Castle is castle symbolizing the history, culture of Okinawa, and the history of Shurijo Castle is history itself of Ryukyu kingdom.

Churaumi Aquarium

Okinawa's wealth of nature, history and culture can be experienced at Ocean Expo Park, a place where you can even play with dolphins.
Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium is one of many popular attractions at Ocean Expo Park.

Local Specialty Cosmetic

Urubana is a regional dialect of Miyakojima for flower-patterned coral reefs.

<Kumi Salt Soap> is soap rich in mineral.

<Ruhaku> is an Okinawan organic skincare brand

The cosmetics are made from 16 different herbs and fruits from Miyakojima of Okinawa

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