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Attraction of Okayama

Kurashiki Jeans Street

Kojima, in the city that remains of the beautiful sea and the atmosphere, there is a jeans museums and jeans factory, is the discount & authentic interesting place where shopping can enjoy jeans authentic unique or can visit.

Seto Ohashi Bridge

Opened in 1988, the Seto Ohashi Bridge carries both road and rail traffic across the Seto Inland Sea. In the evening on Saturdays and national holidays, the bridge is illuminated from sunset onward, creating a romantic atmosphere.



White wall of the town, famous as the town of culture Kurashiki, Edo period, there was also a town of merchants prospered as Tenryo. Aesthetic area Among them, streets of Hon-Higashi has inherited heavily old emotional even now.

LocalSpecialty Cosmetic

Aloessen Skin Cream A is a high-quality skincare cream for both face and body, and has garnered popularity from a wide range of customers since 1987.

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