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Attraction of Oita

Mt. Takasakiyama

Takasakiyama is famous as a habitat of Japanese macaques. The zoo monkeys are healed in appearance to live a natural different.


The Blood Pond Hell, it is Japan's oldest natural hell that exists for more than 1300. You can make the skin disease drugs (current Chino-chi ointment) in this red heat mud from a long time ago, I was doing the staining, such as cloth or house of pillars


Spread at the foot beautiful Yufu, called Bungofuji, popular hot spring resorts that boast the hot water of the national second place. Landscape that is wrapped in the morning mist from autumn to winter is fantastic

LocalSpecialty Cosmetic

All our cosmetics are made with Japanese citrus fruit “Kabosu”, from Kawasaki, Oita. 

 Being additive-free, it is gentle on sensitive skins and can be used as mist even over makeup. It will provide your skin with moisture as if you have just taken a bath.

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