“Chankarasan” is skincare products for women who are undergoing the transition from a little girl to a young lady. The main concept of the products is the re-discovery of good Japanese traditions. Japanese women have historically been the envy of the world for their beautiful and youthful skin. In Japan there are many plants that were traditionally used to moisturize and enrich skin. Our products are made with such natural plants extracts, selected with thorough care. They have natural anti-septic qualities and pleasant, sweet scent. 

Store information

Company NEBAZYUKU Ltd.    <Chankarasan Cosmethic>
Address 602-21,Naruse,saku-city.Nagano,385-0016
Access Out of the Nagano Shinkansen Sakudaira Station, 15 minutes by taxi.
Tel +81-267-68-4428
Hours 9:00~16:30 (Saturday, Sunday and public holiday is a holiday)

Languages Japanese

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