The all-in-one skin gel with Yuzu fragrance, “Yuzuka Perfect Seed Gel” contains Yuzu seed extract from Ohdai-cho, Mie prefecture. The Yuzu seed extract helps to keep the moisture locked in, resulting in beautiful skin and leading to an ideal feeling of transparency and firmness. This product can be used as Toner, Skin-Milk, Essence, Cream and Make-up Base, an all-in-one applied after skin cleansing..

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Company Maruhachi Doken Co., Ltd. Ashitaba Division.
Address 668-1, Ema, Odai-cho Taki-gun, Mie, 519-2505, Japan
Tel Free Call +81-120-003-655
Hours 9:00 to 17:00 (Sunday and holidays closed  and  holiday)
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Languages Japanese

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