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Established in 1894, we have produced cosmetics using rice and rice bran as base ingredients, helping women of Japan, the country of rice, achieve beautiful skin. We strictly stick to the particular type of rice and use essence from Kounotori rice bran. Our important value throughout the 120 years of history has been the sincerity of our products, and we aim to produce natural, high-quality cosmetics that can be inherited from mother to daughter. ※ Kounotori rice bran essence
※Kounotori rice is the type of rice whereby the rice field is clean and safe enough to be used as habitats of kounotori, a threatened bird species also known as Oriental stork. A strict agricultural practice exists to achieve such clean rice field, and is licensed by Toyooka city in Hyogo prefecture. Kounotori rice bran essence we use comes from rice cultivated with the particular practice with strict standards. 

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Company Real CO., LTD (Pure rice beauty rice bran Skincare Series)
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