Fukuoka city (Hakata,Gion,Uminonakamichi)Dazaifu,Futsukaichi     Fukuoka city(Tenjin・Nakasu・Momochihama) Itoshima                                         Kitakyushu city (Kokura, Moji)      Munakata・Wakamiya・ Iizuka    Kurume・Amaki・Haraturu         Yukuhashi・Buzen・Karita・Kitakyushu Airport   Chikugo・Yame・ Yanagawa・ Omuta

Attraction of  Hukuoka

Street Stalls

Light of stalls lit in the city of night like a firefly is specialty of Fukuoka. It seems to forget the cold even in cold winter food that can be provided Aru stew!

Dazaifu Tenmangu 

Dazaifu Shrine is one of Japan's three Tenjin, is famous as the god of learning. Also I crowded as the total Hongu of shrine that deified the Tenjin-like across the country. It is also known in the plum of attractions.

Tenjin Underground 

Kyushu's largest underground shopping mall of total length of about 590m passing through the underground of downtown Tenjin. It is made by the image of a 19th century Europe, you will find a fun mood and just walk.

LocalSpecialty Cosmetic

Using our independent technology, we turned Tsubaki oil into nano-sized particles and fused it with water. Tsubakinano is a hair care cosmetics full of natural properties.

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