Since 1647, we have been dedicated to producing high quality sake for over 360 years. Japanese Sake Kamosi-bidokuheiji is loved worldwide. A large amount of beautifying ingredients are produced during the process of sake fermentation. Kuheiji Beaute is made with sake lees essence, enriched with beautifying ingredients and extracted from fermented rice we grew on our own. It is an all-in-one type that works as toner, treatment, skin milk and cream all at once; the sake lees essence will keep your skin moisturized until the morning!

Store information

Company Hokkaido Junbayu Honpo
Address 41,nishikadoda,oodaka-cho,midori-ku,nagoya-city,aichi,459-8001,Japan
Tel +81-52-621-2185
Hours 9:00 to 17:00 (Sunday and holidays closed summer and year-end holiday)

http://kuheiji-beaute.com/ 【Shopping】

http://kuheiji.co.jp/brand_more/kuheiji-english.html 【English】


醸し人九平次の発酵化粧品 クヘイジボーテ

Languages Japanese

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