In order to help our customers lead healthy, wealthy and natural lives, we produce natural and environmentally-friendly skin care products, organic cosmetics and daily commodities.
<Main brands>
Lar Neo Natural (Organic cosmetics, made in Japan)
Neobaby (Organic goods for babies, made in Japan)
Mr. Ikeda’s edible soap (Very mild and good for delicate skins)
We source our skin care materials from organic farms, support organic and ecofield pojects to renovate traditional Japanese farmhouses, as well as promoting “a traditional Japanese lifestyle in harmony with nature” within a small community in Gujo city, Gifu Prefecture. 

Store information

Company Neo Natural, Ltd.
Address Nagoya Office:  Sanko Building 4F,1-103-2,Kurumada-cho, Showa-ku, Nagoya, Aichi 466-0001
Tel +81-52-745-9900 
Hours weekdays 9:00~17:30
URL Site) (Organic farm)

Languages Japanese

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