We tell the women of the world through the beauty of Japan

Corporate Philosophy

Imagine the body and mind anyone asked the beauty , people will find to shine oneself together with the passage of time.

We will assist to live the life of people around the world shining oneself to pursue the possibility of infinite beauty.

We aim to innovative company that share the excitement beyoud the borders of the country and culture and customs.

I think of the JCL

I think the quality of cosmetics in Japan, and is intended to be proud of in the world.
Cosmetics many have lined up to Dorakkusutoa and department stores, it is also popular with tourists who come to Japan.
We have to note is, products that are not sold in large shops.
The suggestions or things as a raw material specialties around the country of Japan, those made in Good traditional Japanese, such as those Japanese culture is reflected, not not yet known in Japan, a good product You.
I hope that the beauty of Japan is loved by women around the world.

Profile of Mizue Saji

Beauty Advisor Mizue Saji

First LMS Water Foundation,she has announced the original products.


New life Promotion Association, Supplements Qualified Person certification acquisition.


Japanese Academy of Facial Studies admission.
December 9th, the 10th, I will make a formal announcement as an integrated medical well aging makeup in the “Joint Meeting 5th Japanese Society for Integrative Medicine, 9th JACT” held in Kyoto on the 11th. Started research activities related to Silver beauty as beauty section chief scientist of Berkeley Lab.


Founded SanAir Co. “San’ea brush health promotion company”. The NPO Japanese resource development Association, certified makeup Therapy Advisor acquisition.


Lucky Makeup School Gobo, Wakayama University School offered.

About us

Operating company aLaise Virtu (株式会社アレーズヴェルチュ)
Representative Mizue Saji
Address Toyosaki3-8-5-412Kita-ku Osaka-shi 531-0072 Japan
Tel +81-6-6377-7741 FAX +81-6-6136-3788 JapaneseOnly
Domestic call 06-6377-7741 Fax 06-6136-3788 JapaneseOnly
Mail info@jcl.com

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